Events in Serre-Chevalier

Serre-Chevalier is one of the most important winter sports resorts in the Southern French Alps, which offers some 250 kilometres of slopes that bring together several towns, villages and hamlets in the Guisane valley. It is also a very dynamic resort, which offers many activities around the sport, but not only.

The Serre Chevalier Trophy (former Aravet Trophy) gathered several hundred skiers in March for a giant slalom race on the Aravet track, sponsored by Luc Alphand, a local child. After the race, a festive cocktail is offered to participants and visitors, before a dance party.

Serre Chevalier is not only a skier’s paradise, it is also one of the birthplaces of motorsport on ice: it was in 1971 that its circuit was created, to launch the start of the «Ronde hivernale», the first race on ice. It now hosts events such as the famous Andros Trophy. If you love car racing and the mountains, don’t miss this impressive event!

On the culture side, Serre Chevalier has been organizing the now famous Altitude Jazz Festival since 2006, which celebrates music during the month of January. The festival offers about ten concerts in the halls of the valley (these are the «Big Parties»), but also of the Jazz «Off-piste», investing new places, streets, ski slopes, libraries! The area’s bars and restaurants are also home to musicians for Jazzbars evenings.

In this valley of rich natural and cultural heritage, you can also enjoy, all year round, many visits proposed by the various tourist offices: admire the fortifications erected by Vauban in Briançon, which are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also the ancient church of the Cordeliers and its mural frescoes of the fourteenth century; walk the paths of the Ecrins National Park alongside a guide and observe the chamois, the owls, the marmots and the eagles, symbol of the Valley; learn to distinguish the cry of the nutcracker rising from the larch forests…

And don’t forget to browse the gourmet markets that tour the villages and hamlets throughout the week! Nothing better than a holiday in Serre-Chevalier!